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How My 4-Year-Daughter Taught Me Music - Learn Music from Your Child

Online Music Classes – How My 4-Year-Daughter Taught Me Music


Surprising, isn’t it? But its true. I had enrolled my little one with Swar Kala Sangam Online Music classes during the lockdown when my daughter was just 3 years old. Now that she has been learning music for more than one year and now she has started teaching me. She performs the role model of her music teacher Ms. Mukta Ma’am and her father and myself, we love to learn from her.

This story is almost of every parent who has their son/daughter learning music online. The tough times everyone is going through today but flip side is — its an opportunity also to enhance your skills. None will get this much time to fulfill the dreams or to nurture their skills. Mentors are important as they give direction to your learning — They are given a very special place in Indian Classical Learning by calling them the “Gurus” and are respected by following their principles called the “Guru-Shishya Parampara” where learnings flow from Guru to the Shishya. The mode is not defined. When Eklavya learnt Artillery from Guru Dhronacharya — it was also a remote learning (a distance learning) as it was following the Gurus directions and learnings from a distance. This is what is happening today also. Only the distance has widened but still shortened through technology.

There is not much difference in the learning as compared to the offline classes apart from group ryaaz but there are really some benefits which cannot be ignored.


  1. Music classes Online gives you a distraction free learning. Create your own corner in your home where you are most comfortable to sing loudly. It is not just for Kids but for adults also who are into music. By creating a space for yourself, you can have the most effective ryaaz and can meditate with music for long.


  1. Get Access to Best Music Teachers – The platforms can give you a direct access to the Best music teachers and you can even connect to the teachers of specific instruments for which the teachers are not available in your vicinity. Learning and following the best teachers you will also learn their good habits and discipline required to learn Music Online.


  1. Learning at your own pace – Online Learning Music provides you the flexibility to learn at your own pace. There is a flexibility of deciding your time of Learning. However, as it is said Music means Discipline, thus if you really want your learnings to be effective enough, listen to your Online Music Teacher and maintain your discipline as is guided to you.


  1. Usage of Various online tools make the Online Music Lessons more Interesting. There are various ways of learning, you can learn through live classes, prerecorded videos, podcasts, pdfs and much more methods and tools which are used in lesson planning. You can follow them later also for your practice sessions. You just have to go to your dedicated corner to practice with the help of tools.


  1. No Loss of time due to commuting. Since the Music Classes are available at home, there is no loss of time and energy due to travel to the Music Academy. Now you can just Open your Laptop or Log in Your Phone and your Online Music Academy is there to guide you and mentor you. Now you enroll and can make your favorite music academy at home and learn at your pace.


There are many positives to an Online Class. Learning is possible through many methodologies, But Online Music Learning can also turn out to be your best medium of learning